Yichang immortal express network service co., LTD. Now the baidu partners in yichang area。The number of employees more than80People,Business covers various counties urban yichang,For small and medium-sized enterprises in yichang、Local merchants with baidu overall marketing service。      
       For a long time,Forever home based on the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing,Actively promote the Internet and mobile Internet application and development in yichang,Repeatedly invited to local small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing construction to provide professional one-stop training。Company's business covers to baidu promotion as the main body of enterprise search marketing services,Enterprise website construction、Mobile site,With one-stop mobile application radiation local service-oriented businessesO2OService。Forever home always“Clients,Self growth”For the purpose;In order to“One-stop service for clients to provide professional information”As the mission。Throughout the year“The good faith、Innovation、Communication、Win-win situation”Under the enterprise core values guide,Provide customers with comprehensive professional services,Network marketing of real science!

The economic downturn,Overcome the current difficulties。 At all...


The economic downturn,Overcome the current difficulties。 Not just a recent period of time,2018In almost all around us“Consumption of relegation”And“Overcome the current difficulties”Laugh at themselves

11Month,We grow up together


Life growing up is a process of constant learning11Month,SiLing3Within months of held learn tea when the new employees Q3Quarter of local sales champion

Yichang forever rapid learning《Advertisement law》--The first...


           Advertising is the modern service industry and cultural industries

Glory fifteen,The Czech star shone——The international group...


Ear is a mammoth tsunami,Flush whitewater is fighting with joy,The first of the strapdown story be affectionate,Page read his 15 years of glorious and rough,But in today